“I had some of my cookbooks at a specialty consignment store in Malibu called Creo Arthouse full of incredible artists on many platforms. I happened to walk in to check on sales and this group of women were looking around for cool things. The owner pointed out my cookbook and said that the author happened to be in the store. It turned out that this lovely woman’s daughter in celiac as well as one of her closest friends. She flipped through the book and loved it! She bought 2 books of which I signed for her the way she wanted. That was a very special moment for me.”

Mark’s Superhero Themed 5th Birthday Party
Every year I’ve catered for this adorable little boys birthday, Mark, since he was 1 year old. Of course, we missed a few because of Covid, but his parents sure made up for that lost time on this one! They had costumed entertainers dressed like the biggest superheros, even the Joker was on stilts! The kids ate Marks favorites; pizza and crispy panko chicken fingers, while the adults gorged on Maine lobster with avocado and orange dressing, shrimp with lemon butter, filet mignon with onion au jus, Chinese chicken salad, Arugula salad, Baked Wild Salmon with bacon, onion, fennel salsa, Caprese salad with blood orange balsamic and roasted cauliflower, baby heirloom carrots and asparagus with truffle oil and Parmesan. The Malibu Chef looks forward to next year’s event, possibly in Florida!

A Very Special Family Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was special because my stepdaughter and her partner Ben now have an 18 month old toddler who is now running around and doing some talking! Its was just a small gathering of six people but super special. We always say a prayer and tell everyone what we are thankful for. Most everyone said family was the most important. We almost always have the same meal (but I always try squeeze in some of my own families traditions), which consists of a small 12 pound turkey, traditional stuffing, mashed potatoes, potato and fried sage gratin, (also in my cookbook), my mom’s bibb salad with fresh dill and lemon olive oil dressing, buttery white corn, blanched green beans with butter and slivered almonds (we all like a lighter version of the typical green bean casserole), fresh cranberry relish, and for the first time fresh baked caramelized yams with vegan butter and vegan marshmallows that has no corn syrup, which was Ben’s request. For dessert, my homemade pecan pie (that is on this website under recipes) and pumpkin pie with a side of freshly whipped cream. I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine!

On an unusually warm Christmas Eve, my extended family gathered around the dining table for a dinner unlike any other. Instead of the traditional holiday feast, I decided to shake things up and try something new and exciting, and they went for it!

The table was set meticulously by my stepdaughter. The smells weren’t that of a turkey, but with a salmon and orzo dish, macaroni and cheese, baby garlic boiled then roasted baby potatoes, Caesar salad, roasted asparagus, mini brioche buns, filet mignon,  and whole roasted with chimichurri sauce. For dessert, we all indulged in my special dulche de leche cake, which isn’t your traditional style, but more like a tiramisu one spoons onto the plate. This unusual Christmas Eve dinner had brought us closer together, creating lasting memories that they would cherish for years to come.

Halloween Dessert Table-
We went all out to find the best and fun things for kids and adults. The cupcakes and cookies were from Gelsons Markets Viktor Benes Bakery. The bakery is first class and makes very good items and has been is my “go-to” place for great many events when I don’t have the time to make them myself. We also had ‘brain’ and pumpkin gummies which were glucose free. I managed to make my Blood Orange Ricotta Olive Oil Upside Down Cake, which I topped with thin slices of blood oranges. It was moist and a huge hit! See the recipe under the recipe tab.